Remote Temperature Monitoring

We can offer remote temperature monitoring solutions for food storage areas front of house cold control & operational areas for refrigeration equipment heat control, as well as the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare, server rooms and data centres.

In many industries temperature is critical including cold and hot applications.  Front of house to minimise the loss of stocks and operational to maximise the efficiency of cooling system equipment. The temperature that they are kept at is critical to avoid costly breakdowns and loss of stocks.

Our remote temperature monitoring systems require no software to be installed and will send you an alarm via email or SMS if the temperature goes outside the permitted range. You can also monitor the temperature at any time via your computer, tablet or mobile phone. No network access is required to monitor the temperature so you can do this from any compatible device that you can get an internet connection from.

How it Works...

The system consits of two basic modules, wireless sensors and a base station or HUB.

You can monitor the data that the HUB is recording via any internet capable device, including computers, tablets and mobile phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The system offers a lower cost than recording temperatures by hand and is also far more reliable.

Key Benefits

Just some of the benefits of our remote temperature monitoring...


24/7 Monitoring

Your system is monitored 24 hours a day giving you total peace of mind.


Alarms by Email or SMS

Receive an alarm by email or SMS if the temperature goes outside your permitted range


Easy Access to Data

Worldwide access to data on any internet enabled device including tablets and mobile phones with no software required.


No Network Access Required

Our systems do not require that you are connected to the physical network, any device with an internet connection can access the information.

  • There is no wiring so installation is fast and easy.
  • Temperature Sensors can report to any hub. That means that they can be fixed, roaming on pallets or in cool boxes that can be tracked in a cold chain.
  • Reduce stock losses and wastage.
  • Save energy with continuous monitoring.
  • No software to load so no compatibility issues due to new computer operating systems.
  • Unlimited access to data with unlimited users.
  • Automatic free upgrades to server.
  • Unlimited secure data storage and access to years of archives.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding our remote temperature monitoring services please call us on 01568 613029 or send us an email.